The Armed Forces Special Operations Preparation Team is a team within the Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets dedicated to bettering themselves mentally, morally, and physically.  AFSOPT strives to be the best in all areas and to push its members past their self-imposed limits.  Joining AFSOPT requires more than just mental and physical stamina, but also demands academic proficiency, professionalism, confidence and a desire to improve.  The ultimate objective of every AFSOPT member is to prepare themselves for a challenging, successful career in the United States military.  A 3-week Indoctrination Course is held every semester for prospective members. Do you have what it takes?


11 NOV 2013 - Congratulations to Cadets Bishop, Policastro, Treaster, Armstrong, and McConnell for passing the Indoc Test and making it onto AFSOPT. Hooyah!